Video workshop: 3 May in Edinburgh

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video workshop

What could £150 buy your business in terms of marketing and PR?

A quarter page ad in a trade title? Hmmm, only if you have excellent negotiating skills – and they’re filling space close to deadline.

A sponsored post on an online news site? Yes, probably – but just one.

SEO for your website? Yes, probably two weeks worth – £300 per month is pretty standard for an SME

A ticket to a business event like an awards ceremony? Perhaps – if you went by yourself.

A half day video workshop led by a qualified journalist teaching you all the tricks of video? YES!


You will learn:

The theory behind using video for your business:

What’s your strategy?

Which platforms should you use?

What are your production values?

How will you get your message across in a shareable way?

How do you get people to watch?


Practice! Journalist-led training on:

How to feel comfortable

How to speak fluently, confidently and naturally

How to engage your audience


Editing masterclass

How to cut your video

How to design an intro

How to find free music

How to add captions and transitions

I hope you agree this video workshop is excellent value for money – and you’re up for joining us!

It’s going to be hand-on, high energy and above all USEFUL – so book now!

video workshop



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