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Sometimes you just need a wee kick up the backside to do that thing you’ve been meaning
to do. Video blogging is something I’ve been planning for months – and Friday’s New Media
Breakfast was exactly the stimulus I needed to finally do it.
I can now say with 100% honesty it is worth it – and would recommend any business take
the plunge. Here’s why:

I have never had so many messages after blogging. I really appreciated the support of the
team at fatBuzz, who all commented or passed on the link to my video on their Twitter
pages. Lots of my Twitter followers sent me messages, including one who lives in Australia!
The majority of them have never met me in person, but one said that now he would know who
I was at the next event! I put the link on the Impact Online Facebook page and again received
the highest number of comments for the page. The point made at the NMB (and repeated by
me on the video) about syndication was borne out – different people commented on the
YouTube channel, Facebook page and Twitter feed. A good number of them visited my
website afterwards – according to my analytics there was a 24% increase in traffic for Friday
and Saturday.

It’s easy
Once I knew roughly what I wanted to say I did a few practice takes. I had to change the
angle of the camera and move around to get the background right – then I had to be strict
with myself and get it down to about 3 minutes. The advice at NMB was to keep your video
to the length of a pop song as that’s the average attention span. It probably would have been
fine as it stood, but I decided to try out my iMovie software (which comes with the Mac) and
found I could top and tail it and add text. This meant you couldn’t see me reaching for the
on/off switch before and after, and allowed me to put some extra info on there like my website
address. Plus, I could upload direct to my YouTube channel from iMovie – making it really

It’s different
I said on the video that online video humanises a company. The feedback I’ve received
definitely underlines that. It’s also the novelty value. People are interested in watching a
short video – more than they are interested in reading a short blog – because it’s something
different. Plus they get a lot more out of it than simply the content – like an insight into the
person and the office.

The technical know-how required is minimal
I used a Flip cam to film, iMovie to edit and YouTube to host the video. I embedded it in
this blog by clicking “Embed” on the YouTube page to get the code and then pasted into
the code of this blog. I’m looking forward to making a few more video blogs – and I’m excited
about the creative possibilities once I become more comfortable with iMovie or buy better
equipment. In a few years, this will be the norm for businesses online – isn’t it better to be
ahead of the wave?!

I’d love to hear your views on online video or watch other people’s efforts – feel free to
leave me a link in the comments below!


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