Unicorns, radio, a distillery and traffic – July newsletter

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Hi – how do you get more traffic? That’s the question everyone asks me – how do I get more people to read my stuff, buy my things and book my services? I do have the answers, and I’m going to share one of them with you.
The best way to grow your network is to piggyback on someone else’s.
I’ll give you an example. For six years now I’ve been writing a mum blog – I don’t promote it outside Facebook and it’s mostly for my own enjoyment. Lately the traffic has been building – I even got a call from BBC Scotland asking me to appear on a radio show about cooking for working mums! So when we were in Arran last week, I wrote a review of our ‘Mogabout’ tour and posted the link on the company’s page, mostly just to thank the guide, but also as a bit of an experiment. The company reposted it with a “Wow, great review thank you so much” and it gathered 62 likes, 5 comments and 2 shares. I got ten new subscribers to my blog.
So my tips to increase traffic: 1 Write good quality content with several purposes, never just a vanity piece, always with a view to serving several audience groups
2 Publish it on your own website first with a clear call to action eg SUBSCRIBE
3 Use the link to your website on all your social channels
4 Publish the link with a personalised message on all related networks
5 Follow up all shares or comments with a like or further comment.



I’ve been working with London-based recruitment company Zebra People for over a year now as their copywriter. I love working with these guys as they’re so forward-thinking and the subject matter is always really interesting. They recruit mostly in the UX sector, so this piece was about finding the right combination of skills in a candidate. I can’t tell you how chuffed I was that the post gathered 138 likes, 11 comments and 21 shares! How’s that for great traffic?


So remember the BBC called me to be on a radio show? It was The Kitchen Cafe and the subject was ‘back to school cooking’. As the mum of a gluten-free six year old I had a lot to say on the subject – plus it was so much fun chatting with chef Neil Forbes, fellow PR company owner Lisa Palompo Dixon and mum blogger Gill Sims (of Peter and Jane fame, the sweariest, most hilarious blogger I read). Describing cooking on radio was a great challenge – you can hear it on Aug 17 at 1.30pm on BBC Radio Scotland. You can also read about my experience HERE


I have been thoroughly enjoying following the story of the world’s first community owned distillery, GlenWyvis, in Dingwall. It’s the brainchild of a pilot and farmer, John McKenzie, and has received incredible support from all over the world. This shot of the whisky stills arriving is brilliant – they’re keeping everyone involved in the whole process and creating a real community online as well as in the real world. Go check them out

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