The Weird Mound Challenge

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partners in this crazy Janathon challenge

partners in this crazy Janathon challenge

I can’t remember which Janathon blog I read that said “you’re only ever a run away from a good mood” but they were right.

It was blowing an absolute hooly and threatening to pour, but I still headed to the park with the toddler in tow. I was very grumpy about this.

We arrived at Duthie Park, bundled up and headed off. Running with a buggy containing a two-and-a-half year old is a workout, but pushing said toddler against the screaming north wind is an Iron Man challenge. After five minutes I had to walk. I was very grumpy about this. I pushed him over the bridge and off to the right and suddenly found I was sheltered, so picked up the run again and began to cheer up. After reading Daniel’s description of running up a huge hillΒ I was delighted to spot this slightly weird mound.

The Mound

The Mound

Three times the wee man and I powered up it and three times the gales tried to blow us off it, but we survived. The third time I had a pair of runners behind me so pushed myself even harder. Their looks of admiration when they arrived panting at the top were huge encouragement!

impact online stairs at the moundRound the back there was a pretty epic set of stairs (those ones at the top are triple height) so I tackled them for three sets each time too, getting in my press ups and triceps dips on the bench at the bottom. My son ain’t daft, he was more than happy to sit cosy in the buggy munching his apple, then crackers, while mummy did all manner of crazy stunts to make him laugh.

He was rewarded with a spell on the swings. Then we were both rewarded with a half hour in the Winter Gardens – but that’s for the mum blog.

Day three complete and I feel amazing πŸ™‚





  1. Kim Groll Scornavacco
    January 4, 2014

    Wow – excellent work out – I'm impressed!

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    January 10, 2014

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