Blogging from the beach

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My second video blog was from the beach in Sharm El Sheikh – just because a couple of
my Twitter friends suggested it and to see how easy it would be…
I wouldn’t advise it! There’s way too much background noise for a start (waves,
passing boats, general conversation around me) and also too many distractions.
But it was […]

5 tips from New Media Breakfast’s 1st Birthday

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You’ve got to love free legal advice – even if it’s not what you want to hear. You’ve also got to love a breakfast meeting that begins with Champagne – even if you’re pregnant and can’t drink it. Today was the 1st Birthday of the New Media Breakfast, so to celebrate Fatbuzz brought together a […]

Five reasons to use Twitter lists

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Recently I’ve sorted all my Twitter followers into lists. It’s something I’ve always kind of done – and I love checking out other people’s lists (especially if they’ve been kind enough to put me on them!) – but I really needed to sit down and do it properly. It took a while, but it was […]

I tweet therefore I am – quotes from Twitter

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God bless the programmer who decided 140 characters should be the limit for the text message – and by extension – the tweet.

I can’t bear ramblers, droners or those who are “intoxicated with the exuberance of their own verbosity” as my mum loves to say. As someone who studied modern languages at uni and chose […]

Online communities – why should a business build one?

Do you know how your business could benefit from creating an online community? Michelle Rodger, columnist for the Scotland on Sunday, was kind enough to print some of my comments and showcase a couple of Impact Online’s clients in the business pages at the weekend.

The theme sparked some good conversation among the Twitter community. Michelle […]

How to blog – tips from the New Media Breakfast

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Blogging – creating a rod for your own back or powerfully boosting your business?
I’ll admit, I’ve occasionally leant more to the first than the second school of thought, but then I check my analytics and realise it is the biggest driver of traffic to my website and really is worth the effort.
I went to the […]

Social media faces the music

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Last night I spoke at the Apple Store presentation of One Creative Scotland – an organisation which brings together musicians and artists in an effort to nurture and support their talent. Basically, they’re building a community – so social media provide the perfect tools to grow this community online.
MySpace has always been the network of […]

Election 2010 through Twitter

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I could have been with the three-dimensional people at the SECC – but instead I made myself comfortable in front of the TV and lived Election Night through Twitter.
Before you scoff at the geek on the couch, let me paint the scene. Using Twitter client Hootsuite I set up four columns on my screen: my […]

105 million reasons your business needs Twitter

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Twitter announced at last night’s Chirp conference that the network has 105,779,710 registered users. I’m excited to finally have a figure – it’s always been a bit of a guessing game. That makes Twitter a quarter of the size of Facebook – but at 300,000 new sign-ups per day it looks like it could be […]

Edinburgh’s First Social Media Dinner

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They may only be 50 miles apart, but Glasgow and Edinburgh often seem to be polar opposites. I wondered, as I drove along the M8, how the first Scottish Social Media Dinner in Edinburgh would contrast with the one established in Glasgow?
Would I arrive to a chorus of “You’ll have had your tea”, would they […]