How to use Google search – 5 tips to stop you wasting time

“If you have some problem in your life and you need to use religion to deal with it, fine.
I use Google.”

When I first heard Simon Amstell’s comment to Jermaine Jackson on Never Mind the Buzzcocks I laughed the he did not just say that laugh. (Poor Jermaine had taken the ribbing in good humour up […]

Why should social media be part of my PR strategy?

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Look at this screenshot:

The top three results refer to the website. Then:
4th: Twitter
5th: Twitter
6th: Facebook
7th: YouTube
If I told you Networkingolf had also, within a week of this search, featured conspicuously in The Scotsman and The Daily Record, would you be surprised not to find any evidence of this until 14th position in the Google search […]

105 million reasons your business needs Twitter

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Twitter announced at last night’s Chirp conference that the network has 105,779,710 registered users. I’m excited to finally have a figure – it’s always been a bit of a guessing game. That makes Twitter a quarter of the size of Facebook – but at 300,000 new sign-ups per day it looks like it could be […]