Metafit Take Two

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Last week it took me three whole days to recover from my first Metafit class. I had bruises on my knees, elbows and back; my thigh muscles felt like they’d shrunk inside my body and my arms were so sore I could hardly lift a toothbrush.
Today I had a meeting at 3 o’clock which accidentally […]

Metafit Combat Matrix

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Tonight’s Janathon workout totally compensated for two days’ absence through illness. I. Am. Beat.
Tonight I tried Metafit. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was or what to expect… if you’ve heard of Tabata it’s very similar. You do an exercise at maximum capacity for 18 seconds then rest for 18 seconds. That bit was good. […]

Got the bug

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Janathon days 19 and 20 were written off thanks to the sickness bug that’s been doing the rounds.
I had planned to go for a run on Sunday night and was looking forward to it. I find running at the end of the day easier and I knew we’d have a lovely big lunch to fuel […]