Making an impact online: Appetite For Business

Making an impact online: Appetite For Business

The second company to take part in our guest blog series “making an impact online” is Appetite For Business. The technology consultancy is based in Aberdeen and considers itself ‘people-focused’ – so uses various online channels to prove the company’s skills, credentials and expertise. Managing director Sheryl Newman describes three ways Linked In has proved essential…
“I’ve learned that people […]

Why should social media be part of my PR strategy?

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Look at this screenshot:

The top three results refer to the website. Then:
4th: Twitter
5th: Twitter
6th: Facebook
7th: YouTube
If I told you Networkingolf had also, within a week of this search, featured conspicuously in The Scotsman and The Daily Record, would you be surprised not to find any evidence of this until 14th position in the Google search […]

Sharing content online

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There’s no point in creating a fantastic piece of content for your company if no one’s going to see it – but people often underestimate the sharing stage.
For me, at the beginning, shyness held me back. I’d tweet once that I’d blogged and hope that people would come. I didn’t necessarily tell my Facebook friends […]

How to use Linked In

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In the battle to get businesses to understand the value of a social media strategy, Linked In always seems to win. Facebook is “for the kids”, Twitter has a silly name but Linked In has immediate gravitas – so why are so many people confused about it?
I’d suggest it’s due to usability. Facebook is ridiculously […]