Social media faces the music

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Last night I spoke at the Apple Store presentation of One Creative Scotland – an organisation which brings together musicians and artists in an effort to nurture and support their talent. Basically, they’re building a community – so social media provide the perfect tools to grow this community online.
MySpace has always been the network of […]

Election 2010 through Twitter

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I could have been with the three-dimensional people at the SECC – but instead I made myself comfortable in front of the TV and lived Election Night through Twitter.
Before you scoff at the geek on the couch, let me paint the scene. Using Twitter client Hootsuite I set up four columns on my screen: my […]

The Five Tweets of Twitter

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Setting up a Twitter account is easy – maintaining it is more difficult and holding onto your followers is the hardest part of all. I’ve noticed that the most successful people or businesses on Twitter use five different types of tweet to hold their audience: the comment, the info, the reply, the retweet and the […]