Know your sh*t part 2: Homophones

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Sometimes, even though things sound the same, they’re different. Politicians, for example, or boybands.
Homophones, as we grammar pedants call them, trip everyone up, from the TEFL student to the careless tweeter. While these mistakes don’t upset me as much as the misused apostrophe, they will earn you “a slap upside the head” should Thea Newcomb ever […]

Know your sh*t part 1: The Apostrophe

Know your sh*t part 1: The Apostrophe

One of my favourite Twitter hashtags is #pedantsarewe.
I went to a school that had Grammar in the title. Every Wednesday we had a grammar test, so that by age 11 I knew my possessive from my indirect object pronouns and could even recognise a transferred epithet.
As someone who now writes for a living, I’m grateful. However, […]

Are grammar and punctuation still important?

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How important is grammar and punctuation in your world?
If you work for TBWA/Media Arts Lab, an international advertising agency, it would seem the answer is “not one bit”.
Yesterday some emails between this ad heavyweight and their client, a little company called Apple, were leaked. The senior vice president, Phil Schiller, was angry about an ad […]