5 reasons to use Twitter Lists

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1 It organises the noise
Once you’re following a few hundred people, your newsfeed is going to get very busy. You’re going to miss things. You might even get overwhelmed and be tempted to give up on Twitter entirely.
Listing allows you to segregate your newsfeed into bite-size chunks. You can list the people you follow according […]

Follower numbers – it’s quality, not quantity

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If you forked out for a stand at an exhibition, would you rather say hello to all 500 delegates as they entered the hall or have meaningful conversations with 20 visitors who turned into clients? It’s easier to wave than engage, but it won’t cover the cost of your stand.
The same is true of Twitter, Facebook […]

Twitter for Granmas

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I was trying to explain social media to my Grandma today.
She’s 82 and very sharp, so I thought that with a bit of patience, she’d get it. I talked her through Facebook and Twitter and even showed her some blogs – she nodded along, asked questions and seemed to grasp the concept. But then she […]