Making an impact online: Breakneck Comedy

Making an impact online: Breakneck Comedy

The fourth company to take part in our guest blog series “making an impact online” is Breakneck Comedy. I did ask Naz Hussain to write something… but this is much more fun. In an EXCLUSIVE video, Naz reluctantly agrees to take centre stage and shares some amazing insight into creating something out of nothing…

Watch the blooper reel here!
Who is Naz?
Naz Hussain […]

Facebook authorship feature

Facebook authorship feature

I am pretty excited about this.
Facebook has decided to copy Google+ and add an authorship feature, so that whenever you share a link to your blog or an article you’ve written, it adds a link to your Facebook profile.

I love this for many reasons.
1 Facebook remains the biggest social network (like it or not) and […]

Happy 10th Birthday Facebook

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Exactly ten years ago Mark Zuckerberg launched from his Harvard dorm. Now it has more active users than were even on the internet on that day: 1.23 billion.
Although there has been the inevitable backlash and reports of teenagers abandoning the network ‘in their droves’, I, for one, cannot imagine life without it.
For one thing, […]

Share or Like to Win? No thanks.

How often have you been on Facebook and seen this: “SHARE OR LIKE TO WIN”?
I asked my friends on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In if they ‘like or share to win’ and here are some of their responses:
Marie: “No. It annoys me because then they spam me and it’s always more effort than what they […]

Graph Search from Facebook: This changes everything!

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Graph Search from Facebook: This changes everything!

English only
Slow rollout to those who join the waiting list first
Will only search publicly available information
Only covers people, places, photos and interests
Different results depending on your connections
Uses auto-suggest feature
Will eventually include Instagram data
Works in partnership with Microsoft Bing
Would let Google in if they could index fast enough
Use it for finding friends, dating & recruiting
You can […]

The Facebook Minefield

If you had just been to a job interview, would you try to add your interviewer on Facebook?
If a client sent you a friend request, would you accept?
If your boss asked you to change your profile picture, would you?
Each of these scenarios has happened to me or a family member, and yet discussing them, we […]

Why should social media be part of my PR strategy?

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Look at this screenshot:

The top three results refer to the website. Then:
4th: Twitter
5th: Twitter
6th: Facebook
7th: YouTube
If I told you Networkingolf had also, within a week of this search, featured conspicuously in The Scotsman and The Daily Record, would you be surprised not to find any evidence of this until 14th position in the Google search […]

Sharing content online

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There’s no point in creating a fantastic piece of content for your company if no one’s going to see it – but people often underestimate the sharing stage.
For me, at the beginning, shyness held me back. I’d tweet once that I’d blogged and hope that people would come. I didn’t necessarily tell my Facebook friends […]

Follower numbers – it’s quality, not quantity

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If you forked out for a stand at an exhibition, would you rather say hello to all 500 delegates as they entered the hall or have meaningful conversations with 20 visitors who turned into clients? It’s easier to wave than engage, but it won’t cover the cost of your stand.
The same is true of Twitter, Facebook […]

How to blog – tips from the New Media Breakfast

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Blogging – creating a rod for your own back or powerfully boosting your business?
I’ll admit, I’ve occasionally leant more to the first than the second school of thought, but then I check my analytics and realise it is the biggest driver of traffic to my website and really is worth the effort.
I went to the […]