Swimming, football, hiking and alpacas – Janathon Day 3

Swimming, football, hiking and alpacas – Janathon Day 3 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

The days I won’t struggle with Janathon are the days I spend with my six year old. Every day is some kind of marathon for him. He never stops.

This morning, after dropping off his brother at nursery, we went swimming and practised our jumping in. He also practised his pushing in – the more I hammed it up, the more he screamed with laughter. We came home to a game of football, paused briefly for lunch, then set off up the hill in full waterproofs. He took his scooter so I got a good stride following him, feeling my thighs and glutes ease after yesterday’s split squats. (Sitting in the suspiciously warm child’s pool also eased the old muscles).

We were just turning for home – and I allowed myself a small dream of a coffee, perhaps while sitting down – when there was a road block.

When we moved to Edinburgh two years ago I really didn’t expect to have alpacas on our doorstep. We visit them frequently and have become quite attached. You can walk them for £20pp, check out the website here.

We picked up my other son early because being the older one’s playmate all day had worn me out.

I didn’t even mind when they started building a den with my sofa cushions.

I was drinking coffee. Sitting down.


552 calories

10,038 steps

total distance: 8.25km

Alcohol drunk 0


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