Sunshine! – Janathon Day 26

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On Fridays I’m full time in my other job of Mum.

Did you know there’s a weird east-coast habit of closing schools at lunchtime on a Friday? It means Friday afternoons are a natural workout of park visits, bike rides and football in the garden.

A client I get on with very well called around 2pm and I answered the phone with: “Unless you’re three years old, there’s not much I can do for you right now…” He laughed and assured me it was important otherwise he wouldn’t have interrupted – and it was.

I’ve gained the confidence, after eight years in business, to say to clients that I’m in mum mode on Fridays. They’ve never had a problem with it. I used to almost hide the fact I was also a mother, it made me feel somehow unprofessional or not 100% committed. But it’s like any working relationship – as long as you’re clear from the start, there’s no issue.

The bonus today was the sun actually shone with a watery warmth. It was blissful to be out in the Pentlands without snowsuits or waterproofs. The boys were in a great mood, swapping the bike for the ‘racing car’ and sharing really nicely for once. We visited the alpacas, paddled in the burn and played pooh sticks. I ran back and forth pushing the racing car, balancing the bike, retrieving the most special sticks and catching children before they fell headfirst into the water.

A workout for body and soul.


calories 368

total steps 8769

alcohol actually quite a few rum and cokes were consumed tonight because my sister came for dinner with the good news of her pay rise. 


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