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Next Tuesday morning, between 8 and 11am, I will be speaking at one of the Social Media Week Events – Business Banter.

I was very kindly invited to speak by Jacky – Martin Jack, managing director of Think Different Events. Jacky is one of those guys who just gets it. He has spent a year building a network which, in my opinion, is one of the best in Glasgow. It’s free, so he’s not making any money from it, and he tirelessly nurtures it. He blogs every week. He features all the new attendees. He links like an SEO pro, making sure that everyone’s Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube Channel and size of shoe is available on the Business Banter website.

He is the best type of networker – an enabler. His favour bank is bursting. He will never have to pay for PR or advertising because everyone knows him, he knows everyone and whatever he needs he will always be able to crowd source. If you don’t know him, someone you know will and when you meet him, you’ll like him.

So it’s my pleasure to be speaking at his event next Tuesday morning (20th Sept) at Esquires Coffee House (115 Hope Street). I will be talking about how to sell on Twitter. I only have five minutes, so I’ll be sticking to the key points and probably talking really fast. I’m going to tell the attendees how a client of mine went on Dragons’ Den with an amazing product. I’m going to show how we tracked opinion and used Twitter as our sales platform. I’m hopefully going to show people how they can do the same with their product or service.

In five minutes. Hmmmm.

So if you’re going, please stick around so we can chat afterwards! And don’t forget to register here – its free!


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  1. Jacky
    September 14, 2011

    Just like to thank Kim for agreeing to give up some valuable maternal time to come along to the Business Banter and give us all the benefit of her expertise in this area.

    Hope many others can come along and join wth her and the other speakers that day.


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