Snow again – Janathon days 18-21

Snow again – Janathon days 18-21 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Workouts are tricky in the snow. You can’t run but you can slide.

After a bump in the car on the ice, I embraced the sledge as our mode of transport. It’s a Porsche 918 Spider model – Rod brought it home from work one day looking very pleased with himself.

The boys love it and we gave one of their pals a lift home on it – with muggins here playing the Huskie. Do I get extra Janathon points?

I fell off the wagon, though not with such a large crash as my husband, on Saturday night. We went to a party at Voodoo Rooms for my new client Miso – and had a ball. I was too busy chatting to drink much, thank goodness, we had to drive through another blizzard to Glasgow on a Sunday to collect the kids.

As much as the snow has leant itself to resistance training, I feel like I’ve not been very good over the last few days. This week I’ll nail it.

A dress and lipstick instead of waterproof trousers and chapstick



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