A sneaky workout – Janathon Day 27

A sneaky workout – Janathon Day 27 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

I was lucky to squeeze in an hour in the gym today- it involved a babysitter and a tag team with my husband.

I noticed how much stronger I’m feeling and how much further I can stretch.

I couldn’t resist jumping on the scales. I’ve lost another 500g – so that’s 1.1kg in three weeks. In old money I’ve lost two and a half pounds – almost a pound a week. I guess that’s good going… though I’m still disappointed. I’ve been working so hard I kind of hoped the numbers might reflect that better.


My friend Danielle runs a fabulous organisation called the Chachi Power Project. It’s all about body positivity and perspective. She’d be disappointed in me getting all hung up on what the scales say. She’d ask, “But how do you feel?”

The truthful answer is: “Amazing!”

I feel strong, motivated and kind of powerful. I’m working really hard on something which requires organisation and discipline. I’m overcoming challenges – like my first spin class – and I’m discovering new ways of being happy. My dance classes have been a revelation – they are so much fun! I go with my friends, we make idiots of ourselves trying to keep up with Simon and we laugh about it afterwards. The buzz lasts for ages.

It’s true that exercise is addictive. The more you do, the more energy you have and the better you feel about yourself.

I feel like I’ve overcome the painful bit, formed the habit and now I’m really enjoying myself.

Four more days of Janathon, but it won’t end there…


calories 494

steps 8352

total distance 6.88km

alcohol 0

A great quote on the wall of Dynamic Earth, where we spent the morning


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