Simon Says Dance – Janathon Day 10

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Now THIS is how I want to get fit and healthy…

Clare and I went to a street dance class tonight and I’m still smiling. A complete 180 from that godawful Boxing Circuits class on Monday.

Simon Hunter, the founder, teaches my 3 year old on a Tuesday afternoon and I got jealous, so now I’m learning the moves too.

Tonight he went easy on us with a routine to Havana by Camilla Cabello, but I still managed to trip over my own feet. I was beginning to catch on just as we finished up, so maybe I’ll get less clumsy as the weeks pass.

He’s a very patient teacher, as I already knew from the way he keeps the attention of a rabble of pre-schoolers, but he’s also hilarious. You can’t help but smile the whole hour. Plus, there are no mirrors in the hall, so in your head you look just like the instructor as you step ball change and twist, turn and 5, kick and 7 and 8.

Clare and I are definitely going back next week – and we’re taking friends.


Calories: 542 calories

Steps: 6396

Distance: 5.6km

Alcohol drunk: 0


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