The Silent Workout – Janathon Day 4

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If your children have bat ears, this newly invented workout might work for you.

I was back to work today with a really important, fruitful and frankly split-your-cheeks-grinning-cos-it’s-all-so-exciting meeting with my newest client.

Then it was into the witching hour with dinner and bathtime, but our dinner out with friends was cancelled last minute πŸ™ The babysitter called me to say she was sick, and no one else could step in. I could have gone for a run, but for three things:

  • it was raining, cold and dark
  • I was having a good hair day
  • I didn’t want to.

Instead, I invented The Silent Workout. This is where everything involves body strength and no high impact noisy jumping around. Here are some things I did:

  • tricep dips on the windowsill
  • Mowgli walkouts (where you go from standing to a press-up and back)
  • all variations of crunches (side to side, bicycles, make a Vshape to touch your toes and hold it)
  • squats
  • squat and hold
  • pressups
  • crab
  • up to bridge
  • splits training*

*This last one is a wee bit of a personal obsession after watching too many of Steph‘sΒ Instagram videos. We only met in April, but we got on straight away and when she leaped into the pool in full splits I decided that one day that would be me.


calories 458

steps 7231

total distance 5.87km

alcohol units 0.8

I wasn’t going to admit it, but I cracked and opened a beer in the middle of witching hour. It was heaven. I stopped after half the bottle – I genuinely didn’t want any more. But man, that high of those first gulps was worth losing a footing on the wagon.


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