SEO copywriting – What is it and why should you care?

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So you know when you put rum and coke together? This is how I see SEO and Copywriting.

(I like the copywriting bit better, so that can be the rum.)

SEO copywriting

Just add Coke

SEO is a science and copywriting is a skill. SEO is for search engines like Google, copywriting is to persuade, convert and sell to people.

Put the two together and you have a delicious cocktail that is going to appeal to your readers and your customers.

I’m going to break down why you need to care about this and what you need to know, hopefully without boring you because this stuff can actually be fun.

So – you’ve got your website, you’ve got some social media platforms going on and you’re wondering why people aren’t buying all your stuff.

Well, the world is super-competitive and people have a 15 second attention span – so you need SEO copywriting.

Start with your customer, what do they need? A new couch. OK, what are they searching for? Grey couch, couch under £800, corner couch? There is your keyword phrase. It needs to be in your title, your URL, your meta description, your body text and your image alt. That’s the SEO bit.

Now we need the copywriting.

Why do they need to buy their couch from you? What benefits do you offer? How quickly can they get it? How do they pay for it? And what else might they like?

Spend all your creative energy on the title

Here’s my top tip – spend all your creative energy on the title. Use emotional triggers. Inspire curiosity. Hook them in. Numbers work a treat – you’ve seen it –

6 ways your living room will love a corner couch

Don’t keyword stuff – readers want to see couch, sofa, settee, and so does Google.

Forget everything you learned about writing at uni and for work reports, write in an inverted pyramid (this is journalism 101). Start with the best, most interesting bit, then go to the second best bit, then the third and so on.

So those are the basics – in my next video I’ll talk about more advanced SEO copywriting techniques – like using multimedia, matching your language to your landing pages and why you should always have a call to action.

Check out my video on content marketing for more on this subject too.

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