Running non-stop: Janathon day 8

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I’ve just been running non-stop for 34 minutes.

I know – I’m as astonished as you are.

Running non-stop

I ran 4.84km. I should really have run past my house and looped back to make the round 5k. Damn it, why didn’t I do that?!

I’m trying to figure out how this happened.

Secrets to success

It started with guilt.

I had a McDonalds for lunch – McChicken sandwich meal (regular) with a Diet Coke. It’s the last day of the Christmas holidays in Edinburgh so I was treating the boys.

I was still buoyed up by the success of Sunday’s run so I was feeling positive and strong.

It was 6.30pm and dark so I decided to do a road run for safety and mapped my route past the barracks for motivation. You can’t walk past a barracks. Those guys warm up by running half a marathon with the equivalent of a 12 year old on their backs. You must run swiftly and strongly and convincingly past the soldiers.

Running non-stop

The first quarter of my run was downhill (“easy” I told myself “doesn’t even really count”). The next quarter was a steady incline but was the barracks bit, so I had already resolved not to slow down.

Half way was the roundabout, I managed not to break my stride as I crossed the road and back down the slight hill, so again, told myself this was easy. By the time I reached the start of the uphill home stretch I was so delighted with myself for not stopping that I wanted to test my new superpower.

I just kept going.

I distracted myself with the music and plans and replaying funny conversations and then suddenly the road levelled out and I was nearly home.

It was probably euphoria that carried me the last five minutes.

That and the unexpected chords of “Mama Do the Hump”.

(It’s a Radio 1 Big Weekend Album I’ve discovered – that’s where Domino was hiding too.)

Janathon – you just got SERVED.


Exercise duration: 34 mins

Distance: 4.84km

Calories 404

Satisfaction level: In orbit



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