Running makes you less tired

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a view to inspire!

a view to inspire!

I got four and a half hours of broken sleep last night. I was up with the toddler from 12.30-3.30 and again from 5-5.30. I woke up at 7.30 with a teddy in my face and a foot in my armpit (my husband had escaped to the spare room) and realised I’d need to rejig my day significantly. My plans to work from my office space in town were shelved and I actually drove the 0.1 mile to nursery so I could be back in time to deal with the emails before a conference call at 10. I was playing catch up with myself all day, even slurping soup over my prized MacBook, until, at 3.15, I hit a wall.

I had a choice. Start a research project, go for a nap or go for a run.

I think the best part of working for myself is the flexibility. I realised that if I went for a run now, I’d catch the last of the light, get to listen to all my favourite tunes and then take a lovely long hot shower before it was time to pick up the (no doubt overtired and grumpy) toddler. If I put him to bed early I’d have the whole evening to myself, as my husband’s away at a conference, so I could swap a couple of evening-off hours for a couple of working hours.


I changed and headed out before I could talk myself out of it.

I ran for 20 minutes, no stops for press ups or anything as I think they’ve been aggravating my back niggles, and really, really enjoyed myself. I felt a bit naughty just taking off like that and ran with a big smile on my face. I took a new route round the back of Kingswells where it borders Bucksburn valley and noticed a few paths off into the fields. Possible running routes? I’d check when I got back. I passed a really cute retriever puppy, whose bouncy enthusiasm made me grin even wider, and arrived back home delighted with myself.

Janathon, what are you doing to me?!

Day 7 done. I really hope I get some sleep tonight.


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