Runner’s Rush: Janathon Day 6

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I. Am. Buzzing.

Turns out ‘Runner’s Rush’ is actually a thing – and I found it today.

runner's rush

It was totally unexpected. Here’s how my interior monologue went this morning:

“I’ll just go for a slow run. I won’t be out for long, it’s the first one. I’m still in pain from yesterday and I’ve not had much breakfast. I’ll not push myself, I’ll just see how it goes…”

Tackling the gate challenge

I jogged slowly up to The Gate.

runner's rush

It took me four attempts to get to the top. There are four drains diagonally across the path so they were my markers.

When I finally reached the top I leaned on the gate gasping and wondering if I was going to vomit.

runner's rushA dog barked and I jumped back to life.

“Are you OK?” his owner asked.

“Yeah – I just ran up that hill and it nearly killed me,” I answered sheepishly.

“Oh well done!” he said, impressed.

Runner’s Rush

I smiled. Yes. I was impressed too. Chuffed to bits in fact. I didn’t fancy going back down that hill so I scrambled over all the roots to get to the reservoir path and started running again. I didn’t stop – for half an hour.

I felt such a rush – when Jessie J’s ‘Domino’ randomly came on with the line “I’m feeling sexy and free” I actually whooped. Weirdo.

I continued past the reservoir

My legs didn’t hurt, I was breathing easily and I was filled with joy. I ran all the way home.

This from the girl who hasn’t run in months, who ate and drank her body weight in chocolate and Prosecco over Christmas and who didn’t believe she could do more than a 15 minute slow jog this morning.


Distance: 3 miles

Calories: 300 ish

Satisfaction level: Sky high


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