Reluctant running: Janathon Day 12 & 13

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I knew this would happen.

After the joy of my first two runs of 2019, my third and fourth were horrible.

Here are my excuses for yesterday’s non-event:

  • I was a little bit hungover
  • The biting north wind was hurting my ears and sinuses
  • I was running with Jenny and it was really slowing down our chat

Reluctant running at Gleneagles

We had the most gorgeous scenery but my head just was not in the game.

reluctant running

The track was hilly and rocky so I couldn’t get my pace and basically I just couldn’t be bothered. We ran some and walked some and got a coffee three quarters of the way home.

reluctant running

Reluctant running up the hill

Today – having indulged in a pizza last night – I was determined to get back out there.

Our family hike was cut short because of this:

So I went back out after lunch to tackle the gate-to-gate challenge.

I did the hill, gate to gate, in 5 mins 24 seconds. I didn’t feel quite so sick as last time and earned the respect of a lady getting back out there after breaking her arm.

reluctant running

“We call it the vomit hill,” she told me. “You did very well”

She then told me she’s running the London Marathon this year  – so that cheered me up.

I didn’t get the ‘Runner’s Rush’ as I followed the same track as last time, I was hoping it would come, but it didn’t.

I still did it. I still ran for over half an hour, got the heart rate up and covered the ground.

You can’t win ’em all.

reluctant running

Exercise duration

yesterday: 45 mins

today: 34 mins

Calories burned

yesterday: probably none after that cappuccino

today: 310

Satisfaction level

yesterday; none – annoyed with myself

today: OK – I did it but didn’t enjoy it


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