Reaching out – Janathon Day 2

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I was unexpectedly – but delightedly – back at work today. Well, in a manner of speaking.

The individual I’d been planning a meeting with was suddenly available at 10.30am at Gleneagles, so I left Rod in charge of the kids and drove through the frosty sunshine to Perthshire.

It was 100% worth the journey.

I’m sorry for being cryptic but it was a strictly off-the-record meet-up while the individual was briefly in the country. I’m honoured he gave me an hour of his time.

Rolling with it

I’m only telling you all this because I couldn’t, in all conscience, then ask Rod to take the boys for the afternoon while I went out to tackle that “gate to gate” challenge I outlined in the last post. Instead, I spent a brilliant afternoon shooting Power Rangers off the windowsill with the kids’ arsenal of Nerf guns.

I had briefly considered a street run in the dark after the bedtime shenanigans- but I’m having much too good a hair day.

Instead I remembered the Nike training app I once used with my sister-in-law and searched the App Store, prepared to spend a few quid. But no! It’s free!

Reaching outI chose a 30 minute core workout and started while the boys were in the bath. They joined in the last ten minutes in their pjs, tripping over each other and getting in my way.

I just wobbled around them as I tried to hold my side plank and did my mountain climbers without kicking them too hard.

Honestly – it passed so quickly! I had a wee bit of a sweat on and my legs were definitely wobbly afterwards so I can count it for Janathon with a clear conscience.

Reaching out virtually

I’m sitting flicking through all the programmes and I’m genuinely excited about trying them all out. It even syncs with my Apple Watch *gasp

The app also lets me build a plan – so I’ve told it my height and weight and that I want to use body weight-only as I have no kit. Boom. It starts tomorrow with a 45 minute “class”.

Reaching outReading over this post I’ve realised there is a lesson here. When you’re facing a challenge – in work or in your personal life – you mustn’t do it alone. There’s no need to make it that hard. My company will reap the benefits of today’s meeting – and my body will definitely see better progress now that I’ve added the Nike training app into the mix.

Workout duration: 30 mins

Calories burned: 80 apparently

Satisfaction level: High


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