Every year I start a new project, and 2019’s is my podcast: Scots Spill The Beans.

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My aim with this podcast is to prove to listeners that Scotland is more than tartan castles and whisky glens.

Come on in – and hear the secrets from the Scots!

Each episode is 20 minutes, a new one is published each Wednesday and I’ve got some cracking people lined up for this six-part series.

No messing around – we start with a star of Outlander.

Episode 1

Craig McGinlay was working for a Scottish Premier League football team when he went for an audition to be in a whisky ad. It turned out to be a Guy-Ritchie-directed epic starring David Beckham. Was it his bushy beard that got him the part? Or his Scottish charm? I’ll let you decide:

Episode 2

Episode 2 of Scots Spill the Beans takes you back in time in Edinburgh with Christina Thomson.

If you’ve ever watched ‘Call the Midwife’ you will love Christina’s stories of district nursing in 1960s Edinburgh. From the uniforms that garnered universal respect to the communities who lived in the Royal Mile tenements, Christina paints vivid pictures.

Listen for a true flavour of Scotland’s capital city 50 years ago.

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Scots Spill the Beans features an Australian’s opinion on Scotland.

Jack Derrick left Tasmania last summer and landed just as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival kicked off. He’s working as a physiotherapist and trying to get his head round our Scottish English – You ken fit like it is?

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Scots Spill The Beans is a big one! I chat to Scottish rugby legend Gavin Hastings.

I’ve known Gav for a long time, he’s friends with my dad, who’s a broadcaster, so obviously I had to ask him about that time Dad made him cry live on air…


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