p29 Daily Record 25 May 2015

p29 Daily Record 25 May 2015

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Sometimes the opportunity arises for Impact Online to get some press coverage. It feels a bit odd to be doing my own PR, but I’ve always thought it important to practise what I preach! After all, a full page ad in the Daily Record would cost hundreds, if not thousands of pounds.

The latest coverage was in response to a survey by Xero – coincidentally the accounting software I use – stating that women-led businesses are more efficient than men.

I tend to agree and was only too happy to provide the Record with a case study. The reporter Amanda was kind enough to mention two of the companies I’m working with right now; Clements Hearing Services and Scottish Business News Network.

Unfortunately she spelled my younger son’s name wrong (it’s Kerr, not Kier) but otherwise I was delighted with the piece. I am a working mum and proud of my efficient attitude to working and looking after my boys. It’s tough going sometimes but very rewarding and in all the five years I’ve been working as Impact Online’s director, I have never once regretted it.

The other piece of coverage I had, back in 2013, was also about efficiency – though it had a lot to do with bins unfortunately!

I was pleased with this article for a number of reasons. It had two pictures – one large enough to catch the attention of someone leafing through the newspaper and another quirky one. The company name appeared (correctly spelled!) in the 8th paragraph, but my full name (again, correctly spelled!) was printed in the first par and the caption, reinforcing the likelihood a reader would remember it.

The story itself was topical and, although my family do think I’m a geek for being super-organised with my food shopping, it reflects many of the company values: planning, organisation, balance and efficiency. I hate wasting anything – food, time, opportunities – and I’m sure my clients expect me not to waste their time or investment.

The story was also published online (together with a very grumpy photo!), so I got extra mileage out of the coverage by sharing it on Twitter, Facebook and Linked In. The link was retweeted, favourited and replied to.

I admit the latest story was a lot more appealing – I was sitting with my gorgeous boys instead of hanging over various bins – but them’s the breaks!

If you want some press coverage like this – give me a call! 0800 612 5828

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