Video is a powerful but tricky medium. Is your subject comfortable? What’s your background? How about the sound quality or the cut away shots – and don’t forget the content itself!

With my High Growth Scotland column each week, I try to mix it up. Usually I do an interview, sometimes I make observations and on occasion I make a video.

This one took off.

I knew it had all the right ingredients.

The story was brilliant; young guy with no dance qualifications starts teaching classes and in a few years he’s opening a six-studio academy.

The subject – Simon – is very engaging. He is the brand and he is the reason the company is so successful.

The background is the studio – brand new and, at that point, unused which meant no background noise and everything looked picture perfect.

Scenes of Simon dancing were the perfect cutaways – and thanks to the company’s social media, there were plenty of catchy images to use too.

The secret ingredient – apart from interviewer skill and good editing of course πŸ˜‰ – is the community. If you want a video to be a success you need to make people share it. In this case we had two massive communities. Simon’s – which, as you can see above, resulted in 19 shares, 58 comments and 290 reactions and ours at SBNN. Over 1000 hits on the news pages, over 1500 views on Facebook and countless shares and comments across Twitter and LinkedIn.

Happy Kimmy.

Happy Simon.

Entertained viewers.

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