Press Trips: Christmas came early!



It's like Christmas came early!

It’s like Christmas came early!

I love it when a plan comes together.

Organising a press trip is a tricky business. Do you invite one publication exclusively, or open it up to widen the coverage? Do you make it short, to increase the chances of journalists being allowed to leave their desks, or do you give them a real treat and invite them on a longer break? What time of year – of month – of day – do you pick? And, most importantly, what is the story? Are there plenty of angles? Will there be great picture opportunities?

One successful press trip Impact Online organised recently was on behalf of Glenton Palmer, a Yorkshire-based holiday company specialising in coach, cruise and air tours for the seniors market.

The brief was to raise brand awareness in Yorkshire through a positive piece of coverage – and the result was an 800 word full page feature with four pictures and full company contact details.

Handling the PR for a holiday company is such a pleasure because there are endless human interest stories and lots of fantastic picture opportunities. The angle we took with this story was to focus on the ‘turkey and tinsel’ tours which run in November and early December. These are coach tours to a variety of destinations, leaving from Yorkshire. In this case the tour was to Torquay. ‘Christmas’ is celebrated on the Wednesday (day 3) and ‘Hogmanay’ on the Thursday before returning home on the Friday.

The journalist who joined the tour, Norman Hazell, thoroughly enjoyed himself and wrote a very positive and engaging piece for the Wakefield Express (c 25,000). Glenton Palmer’s owner and staff were very pleased with the result and I was delighted to have played a part in boosting the company’s profile.

The features editor was kind enough to send me a PDF of the article so we could continue the promotion across the company’s social media platforms and include it in the newsletter.

You can read the full article here – and see a lovely picture of the journalist’s 100 year-old dancing partner!




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