Music and water – Janathon Day 7

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Three things instantly soothe my soul; two of them are music and water.

This morning I got both.

The first was unexpected- I only signed up to Zumba because every other class was full!

As soon as the music came on I found myself smiling. I’ve spent some memorable months in central and South America, and a few of the songs took me straight back to a rooftop bar in Havana or a crowded student bar in Buenos Aires.

I almost couldn’t help myself and danced from the heart for an hour.

The instructor was this bubbly young woman with an attitude and fondness for whoops – I got completely swept along.

Afterwards, grinning and sweating, I decided to go for a swim outside.

It’s -3 Celsius in Edinburgh today.

I sprinted across the pool deck and jumped straight in (after a shower, I’m not an animal).

I surfaced to feel the winter sun on my face and wiped my eyes to see nothing but steam all around me. I swam some lengths and then paused on the sunny side, basking.

I closed my eyes and remembered early morning swims in La Manga Club to clear the hangover. When the chill hit my shoulders I was suddenly 20 again, sitting in a thermal outdoor spa with my ERASMUS exchange buddies in Ovronnaz, Switzerland after a day skiing.

The music and water had reminded me of sides of myself that I’d forgotten under the layers of motherhood and working.

It was wonderful remembering these experiences, reliving them in full colour, alone in a gym in a Edinburgh.

Best Janathon yet.

Dancing in Havana


Calories 514
Steps 7920
distance 7.2km
Alcohol drunk 0


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  1. Tricia
    January 7, 2018


  2. Tricia
    January 7, 2018

    drinking a mimosa whilst reading this.. however, went to soul cycle this AM, unsure how to calculate that.

    • Kim McAllister
      January 7, 2018

      I calculate you may have at least two more Mimosas before they begin to count against you… x


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