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Tonight’s Janathon workout totally compensated for two days’ absence through illness. I. Am. Beat.


in a heap on the floor

in a heap on the floor

Tonight I tried Metafit. I wasn’t entirely sure what it was or what to expect… if you’ve heard of Tabata it’s very similar. You do an exercise at maximum capacity for 18 seconds then rest for 18 seconds. That bit was good. Then you do two exercises for 18 seconds each consecutively and rest for 18 seconds. I could do that too. I could even manage three exercises for 18 seconds each with the 18 second rest.

By the time we got to seven consecutive exercises I was thinking, “Holy phlegmwads, this is tough graft! But she said it was a 25 minute workout and that’s 25 minutes gone so I’ve made it.”


We started late and did a warm up so actually we were only halfway there and still had to reverse the whole routine.

The seven exercises varied from floor work to upright work – so we’d jump from running on the spot to press ups back up to leaping lunges and back down for “pop-ups”… God they were the worst. “Pretend you’re paddling on your surfboard and you’re jumping to your feet!” the instructor, Jen, shouted as I metaphorically drowned.

By the time we finished we had a room full of bright red sweaty people, who were all shaking slightly but grinning from ear to ear. I think we were all delighted with ourselves for not throwing up.

It was only a fiver too. I’m definitely going back next week!




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