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Did you know the biggest white fish market in Europe is right here, in Scotland?

Peterhead Fish Market Kim

Peterhead Fish Market is seriously impressive. I had the opportunity to see for myself this morning thanks to the new chief executive of Peterhead Port Authority, Ian Laidlaw. He’d asked me up to the north east to deliver a couple of days of media training.

Peterhead Media Training

Our first day had focused on putting in place a robust strategy should an incident occur, like a diesel spill or an accident. I was actually really impressed how quickly Ian, his deputy chief executive Stephen and the harbourmaster John could think on their feet when I fired questions at them during our simulated press conference.

Day two was much more positive, we discussed the types of stories they could put out and how best to achieve maximum coverage. Peterhead Port Authority is likely to have big news over the next few weeks and months, so we took the kit outside to the quayside to rehearse. We had an audience…

Peterhead harbour seal

We tested several spots for wind, background noise and the likelihood of seagull attack – and settled on a couple of settings. It was a different ballgame from the controlled environment of an indoor press conference, but again, I was impressed how quickly the management team became comfortable with the task.

One trick which seemed to work a treat was repeating the question back as part of the answer.

“You’re the new chief executive, how do you feel to be taking over at this time?”

“As the new chief executive I’m particularly excited to be taking over at a time when…”

It not only allows the editing post-interview to be much easier for the journalist, it gives the interviewee time to gather their thoughts and formulate a response.

A bonus to the already successful two days was the fact the training took place during Scottish Week, Peterhead’s fair. Last night I wandered along the seafront to see the aerobatics display, raft race, Scottish country dancing and general celebrations.

Peterhead sword dancing harbour

I was extremely lucky with the weather – as with most Scottish destinations, Peterhead is very attractive when bathed in sunlight!

Peterhead by evening

Before I headed back down the A90 I had to stop off at the local fishmonger and pick up some hot smoked salmon and monkfish. It looked much more appealing vacuum-packed than it had whole and lying in a crate this morning…

Monkfish up close

If you would like to organise media training for you and your staff, please get in touch: 

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