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The seventh company to take part in our ‘making an impact online’ guest blog series is Social Media Search. Managing director Adam Gordon has perhaps the definitive Linked In profile – here he shares four tricks for finding the best staff – no paper sifts required!


“It’s no secret that a great social media presence is now a key component of a company’s employer branding, and imperative to attracting the very best candidates to your business.

However let’s refocus. Recruitment is a ‘sale’ and people tend to buy important things such as a house, a car or a holiday after speaking to an individual –  so a new job’s no different. This is why we should hone in on the individual.

From our experience, making an impact online means focusing on the hiring manager. Make the hiring manager’s profile compelling online and you will also make the business look attractive, therefore appealing to the very best potential candidates. So here’s what you need to do as a hiring manager:

1 Build a great online profile, most likely at LinkedIn and Twitter but maybe elsewhere (for example if you’re recruiting developers, you need to be at Stack Exchange and GitHub) It should be rich in detail and shared media. This will highlight your great experience and represent you as being a desirable connection and one that people will want to work for. The positive connotations will extend to your company. Have a look at Bridget Hutchinson of Whitbread on LinkedIn for example.

2 Get connected. Get in touch with everyone you might like to hire now or in the future. Approach them with great insights and useful content – this will help you to create goodwill and build a relationship that establishes you (and by default, your company) as an excellent employer. This is a time-consuming process but produces very effective results. Remember, all relationships need nurturing.

3 Engage. If potential candidates interact with your company’s social media channels, use your social media profiles as a foundation for building more engagement for your company. Respond positively to comments at your company’s LinkedIn and Twitter pages for example.

4 Share. By posting useful content and fostering discussions online, you create a beacon to your business. Take  look at @TeamTalend for example and as a general rule, try to share something useful at least once a day.

By optimising your online presence as a hiring manager, you’ll appeal to the best candidates better than a traditional internal recruiter. If you have already built goodwill and represent your business as a desirable employer then it’s much easier to approach potential candidates and makes them more likely to connect and explore opportunities in your business. This reduces time per hire, and is cost effective, as you won’t need to employ more expensive methods.

Connecting directly with potential candidates also creates a ‘warm bench’ for the future; people who maybe aren’t interested in a new role right now but will be in six, 12 or 18 months. Engaging in a conversation with them provides valuable insight into their career aspirations, which makes future recruitment easier.”

Who is Adam?

I’m managing director of Social Media Search, a business I founded in 2009 to help organisations worldwide use social media for business development and recruitment.

I’m based in Glasgow and the company employs 14 people  – serving start-ups through to Fortune500 organisations. I love social media because it’s all about people and human relationships. Interestingly, people make decisions about who to connect to and converse with on LinkedIn in precisely the same way they would on; it’s all about communication and achieving influence, whether you want the other person to buy something from you, take a job working on your organisation or go out on that first date. Get your approach right on social media and you’ll be able to achieve so much more….

Follow Adam on LinkedIn or on Twitter @Adam_W_Gordon

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