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To celebrate Impact Online’s new look website, we’re launching a guest blog series showcasing how small businesses around Scotland make an impact online.

We’re kicking off this weekly event with Lisa Dixon from Palompo PR, who offers her 5 secrets for success:

Lisa Palompo Dixon

Lisa Palompo Dixon

How to make an impact online? For me it’s all in my favourite maxim ‘people buy from people’

In a career like PR, image is key and as a one woman band (at the moment!) I am the face and the brand of Palompo PR. Sounds crazy perhaps, but the reality is people want to know the YOU behind your business: who you are, what makes you tick and why you are relevant to them.

I do this for my burgeoning PR business via social media – Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and the occasional blog too. I like that my business appeals to not only the up-and-coming sole trader, but the growing Scottish brand that is at the tipping point of something big.

We are all nosy by nature and I know from my own business and work with clients across lots of different lifestyle sectors that it’s the real you that your prospective clients, customers and ‘likers’ want to see more of.

My top tips to being you online and ultimately making the impact that will help your business grow:

*Give insight – getting an insight into what you do is a big hit for social media. Behind the scenes is always a win! Maybe you are wedding dress designer or an upholsterer and take the nitty-gritty of your job for granted. You might even think no one would be interested – WRONG! I would love to see how you choose wedding dress fabric and which mills you buy it from. I’d also love an insight into how you smooth out wrinkles on a velvet wing back chair when upholstering. It’s this insight that is unique and totally you – no one will ever do things like you with your flair and personality so show it!

*Be relevant – what do your customers / clients enjoy? What is relevant to them? Do you sell to parents of young kids, if so show them that you understand what it’s like with sleepless nights and endless tantrums and/or how you too cope with the first day of school tears! Share those insights to show you too are a real person behind the business.

*Pictures – tell your story with your style. Style can be anything, maybe your style is polished and perfect or natural and normal – whatever it is be true to you and let your pictures tell that story.

*Hashtag it up – pick a handful of hashtags and stick with them – I’m all about #PRGlasgow #PRRocks #LoveMyClients #PowerOfPR

*Fine line – however, word of warning it’s a fine line when it comes to over sharing, don’t over share your private world as it’ll go off the point when it comes to your business.


Who is Lisa?

My solid grounding in PR began after I graduated with BA in Corporate Communication with Distinction from RGU in Aberdeen and became a Graduate Trainee at Weber Shandwick in 2003. I spent over eight years with the firm, won numerous PR awards, was shortlisted in the CIPR’s Young Communicator of the Year and was selected for Weber Shandwick’s European Future Leaders Academy. In 2011, I dipped my toes in the world of in-house PR and established the PR for Sterling Furniture, taking them from the local newspaper to the national consumer magazines. A taste for freelancing inspired me to go it alone and realise my dream of setting up my own boutique PR offering. In January 2014 Palompo PR was born with the sole aim of ‘helping brilliant brands grow’.

Palompo PR focuses on helping clients grow their business by focusing on return on investment. I work with new, emerging and boutique brands that are on the edge of great growth. Typical clients include the retail, wedding, food and fashion sectors.


Follow Lisa on Twitter (@PalompoPR), like her page on Facebook and check out her Instagram



  1. Mike Watson
    September 23, 2015

    Great advice Lisa,

    Starting to #hashtagitup from now!

    Mike Watson

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  3. marion
    October 2, 2015

    Great article Lisa and fab tips, though from an online marketers point of few be careful not to use to many #hashtags. Studies have shown that using too many in each post can kill your interaction stone dead and actually hurt your brand. 1-3 is the recommended amount of hashtags. Posts that use more than than tend to get up to 65% less reach and interaction as the actual message gets lost in a sea of blue.

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