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The sixth company to take part in our ‘making an impact online’ series is Kreopix. Technical director Ben Richmond once designed an app which made him pretty rich, but which had some unintended results… Here he shares seven things to consider before creating your own app…kim

  1. What does the app do? Explain in detail – from the moment the user opens the app to when they close it – what the app does, and what purpose it serves.
  2. How does it work? Does the app run locally, or require external processing and APIs? Does it need access to any of the phones sensors or inputs? Any special technology involved?
  3. What’s special about it? What makes it unique? Why would people use this app over any alternatives? What unique feature does this app have specifically?
  4. Who is it for? What demographic is being targeted? Age/Gender/Location etc. Be specific, no app is for “everyone”, you need a target market.
  5. Why do people want it? Will the app serve to help users without being to clunky/inefficient/ laborious that people will stop using it?
  6. How would people use it? Daily data entry? “Always-on”? When they’re bored on the toilet? When and how often is the app designed to be used?
  7. Has it been done before? Any identical or similar apps in existence? How will yours differ and stand out?

Who is Ben?

I made my first website using FrontPage when I was 12, before my computer even had the internet. Two years later I bought my first domain and made a real website. I set up a server at home (because that’s obviously a lot more fun) to host the sites at 15. My first business website – which included setting up a dedicated server to host it – came a year later, then I made a site for discussing TV and movies which peaked at around 750K unique users per month.

Now, several years on and having set up my own company, I strive to find new challenges because if it’s not a challenge then I don’t consider it worth doing. There are hundreds and thousands of people who can build websites, you can even build them for free yourself, so to stand out you need to be able to do a lot more.

I specialise in systems administration (servers, clusters, clouds) and have developed many unique systems. My own apps reach 400K users monthly, the websites I develop reach thousands more. No task is too complicated. Want a rate-limited API sending asynchronous tasks to a scalable pool of worker nodes who report their task status to a schema-less database cluster? No problem!


Follow Ben on Twitter @bonjomon or find him on Linked In.


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