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The third company to take part in our guest blog series “making an impact online” is Developing Works. Director Rosie O’Hara is a big fan of Twitter and Linked In, using both to build the profile of her career management company. It was a single tweet, however, that led to her publishing her first book …

Rosie O'Hara

Rosie O’Hara

“It started with a tweet.

I’ve been using Twitter since October 2009 – I think because it either seemed like a good idea or someone recommended it. 2009 was an interesting year for me and had a lasting impact on my life. It started out for me in Spain for New Year and two months later I was in hospital a little breast-less.

I suspect you might be asking yourself ‘what has that got to do with making an impact online?’ or ’is she completely mad?’ Not completely mad and actually very relevant – allow me to explain…

For a start,  I was hopping mad that breast cancer should interrupt my workflow at a time when the financial crisis was starting to bite.

So, to stay sane, I did two things: I started an email newsletter to various people in the UK and my sister in Germany and I used NLP. I normally teach Neuro-linguistic Programming skills as part of my training courses, so of course I use these skills in my own life. One of my then clients, who knew I was doing this both before and after my mastectomy, suggested I put the email newsletter and the techniques together as a book. Other clients from my Words That Change Minds courses agreed. So I did.

At the start of 2010, not just breast-less but also rather penniless due to said financial crisis, I sent out a tweet: ‘Desperately seeking publisher for book about NLP and Breast Cancer’.

That tweet evoked a response from one of my followers: ‘Contact Tom Evans @theBookWright’. So I did.

Tom and I spoke on the phone and he put me in touch with Steve Emecz of MX Publishing. Steve offered to waive the publishing fee and ‘No More Bingo Dresses – Using NLP to cope with Breast Cancer and other people’ came about. It’s available on Amazon and so far has nine reviews.

Never underestimate the power of a tweet.”

Who is Rosie?

My background is varied. I started out working in accounts and banking in Germany (speaking German as a native is another talent), I went on to own a bakery and run a delicatessen, I have also hired out cranes and chased payment for them, repaired cars and owned and run a language company. I am a published author and a Mechanical Engineer somewhere along the way. I can ride a motorbike and have made a kilt (properly). I know how people work, in terms of what drives them forwards and what stops them for being truly productive. At my disposal are some very powerful tools and methodologies for understanding language and helping you motivate yourself and others. What makes me different is use of the LAB Profile® – Words that Change Minds (roots in Meta Programs, Karl Jung’s personality types and applied psychology) to listen and get you to where you want to be.

My biggest thrill is enabling you to use your language to help you find out how to get to where you want to be and what’s holding you back. My clients tell me that I’m good at listening and teasing out what is really going on in what you are saying.

Follow Rosie on Twitter @RosieWiseWords or find her on Linked In

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