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The second company to take part in our guest blog series “making an impact online” is Appetite For Business. The technology consultancy is based in Aberdeen and considers itself ‘people-focused’ – so uses various online channels to prove the company’s skills, credentials and expertise. Managing director Sheryl Newman describes three ways Linked In has proved essential…

Sheryl Newman

Sheryl Newman

“I’ve learned that people want to do business with people and companies they trust. I have built that trust by investing time and energy into creating authentic connections.

Linked In has helped me kick my networking to a higher level and connect with some key industry players. I use it daily and am constantly (happily) surprised by the people I meet and the information I gather there.

Out of the blue we got invited to tender by a large global pharmaceutical company. They were looking for an organization to implement Office 365, develop SharePoint and provide a complete learning programme. When I asked how they found us, they explained that they had searched Linked in and my name had come up after I shared guidance and best practice on a group forum. Having checked my Linked In profile and reviewed my recommendations, they then had the reassurance we could support them in the way they needed and they got in touch.

In March I got some amazing media coverage for Appetite that originated through Linked In. Last year I received a request to connect with someone with whom I shared connections. She wrote a note introducing herself and why it could be beneficial for us to be connected. I accepted. She later shared an article I had written after winning a national business award which had been seen by a journalist who wanted to include me in an article he was writing on Rising Stars for 2015. This provided excellent exposure for the business and for myself, a valuable media connection. If I hadn’t diligently built my network and actively engaged with that network on Linked In, then Appetite would never have received coverage in that high profile article.

The third example is when I published a blog post titled “The Top Ten of Windows 10” on the day Windows 10 was officially released. It immediately got featured in Linked In Pulse and in the days that followed, traffic to the Appetite site increased by 4x the daily average. It even resulted in a couple of meetings to discuss supporting Windows 10 and Office 2016 initiatives and to learn more about the business.

These are just three recent examples of how Linked In has helped me. Over the years, Linked In has consistently provided me with leads and links and friendships which have helped me expand my business, with opportunities to build my brand and it has definitely helped increase my bottom line.”

Who is Sheryl?

I started my career working for a Fortune 500 Company as a Management Consultant and now at Appetite I’ve helped organisations from blue chip to not-for-profit to connect globally. I specialise in helping businesses to develop an integrated IT change management approach focusing on engaging people and equipping them with the skills to new ways of working whilst achieving high results. I’m one of only a few women in the IT management sector to have my own business and I’m proud to have delivered consistent achievement in both revenue and profit targets in challenging market conditions. As a result of this, I’m the only Scottish finalist to date in the Everywoman National Awards, coming runner up for Inspiring Woman in Technology; I won the ASB Business of the Year in 2014 and I was named one of the top 50 rising stars in Scotland for 2015 by Business Insider.

I’m a firm believer in “giving back”, so I’ve worked hard to raise money for various charities. I’m one of the founders of Girl Geek Scotland, a networking group which connects women who work in IT.  I’m delighted to be part of the ExCO team at ASB to help play a part in the continued growth of the organisation and to support both professional women and business throughout Scotland.

Follow Sheryl on Twitter (@Appetite4biz), check out the company’s Facebook page and look up the company on Linked In

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