Make it count

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impact online Duthie ParkFinally! A decent workout!

This morning we were up early and headed to Duthie Park – which, for once, was not windy. In fact it was a lovely, still, sunny day and the temperature was 6 degrees according to the car. I put my son in the Superbuggy (it was fixed with Porsche parts!) and ran two laps of the park while he munched on his apple. I even managed a set of dips and press ups and a set of squats and lunges before he started to protest. I pushed his tolerance another ten minutes so that I could run up the Weird Mound and do a couple of stair drills, but after that he was screaming and struggling to get out so, reluctantly, I ran to the Winter Gardens and let him roam free for half an hour while I supervised, drinking water.

It wasn’t as long as I’d hoped, maybe only 20 minutes, but I made it count. I feel pretty good for having made the effort – it’s now pouring so I’m glad we got out today!

Day 18 done – how’s your Janathon going?




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