Love/Hate – Janathon Day 16

Love/Hate – Janathon Day 16 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

Things I love about snow:

  • When you can drag your three year old up to the school drop – off on a sledge
  • Continuing on up the hill “laughing all the way”
  • Seeing every small undulation as an opportunity to push off and slide
  • Dragging your hand along to create a massive snowball
  • Building random snowmen because “this looks like a good spot, Mummy”
  • Feeling those thighs burn as you play the Huskie and drag your chunky three year old up a hill on his sledge, time and time again

Things I hate about snow:

  • it’s cold and wet and slippy
  • it takes ages to scrape the car
  • it turns all the roads into ice rinks
  • your brakes don’t work on hills
  • you inevitably meet someone coming the other way who also can’t stop…


calories 456 plus a few doxen for the mini heart-attack

steps 7563 plus extra-long strides sliding on the ice

total distance 6.45km plus bonus skidding

alcohol consumed: two glasses of red at Allison’s, who rescued us, then half a bottle of Prosecco at home, recovering from the shock and thanking my lucky stars no one was hurt.

“Mummy please can I have a carrot for my snowman?”



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