Janathon Day 8: Weights and water

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Today is my first full day back at work – I’m grabbing a quick wrap and writing my blog in between a conference call and tackling a big feature.

After dropping the boys off at nursery at 8 I drove straight to the gym for my weights programme. I know it backwards so could zone out and listen to a podcast for a change. Since starting the Scottish Entrepreneur podcasts a few months ago, I’ve been downloading loads of different ones, researching what works. Today it was Women’s Hour’s New Year podcast with Lauren Laverne. They were discussing nudity, which made for fascinating listening generally, but I was paying attention to Lauren’s interview style and the way she kept the conversation flowing, letting each guest have their say. She’s very good. I powered through my kettle bell swings and squats, the pec deck, the free weights, the back loader squats and overhead press, finishing up with plank, side plank and lots of stretching after last night’s run.

It was still only just after 9 so I rewarded myself with a half hour in the jacuzzi, steam room and sauna. It really was a reward – I NEVER have time for stuff like this! Not even the racket from aquafit could dent the peace of just sitting in hot water with my eyes closed. In all, a fabulous way to start my working day. I had a really productive conference call this morning, got through loads of emails and now I’m going to sit and write a feature based on an interview I did just before Christmas with two women I really admire. Happy Friday!

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  1. Jacky
    January 8, 2016

    Yum! Costa Coffee! Well done! You’re going to have a great day after this wonderful start!


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