Janathon Day 3: Running unimpeded

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I actually can’t remember the last time I went for a run outside on my own.

Before we left Aberdeen I was in a really good gym routine, with a progressive weights programme that was giving me great results. My trainer wasn’t a big fan of running and I was happy to follow his advice… and yet…

As any parent knows, half an hour on your own during the holidays is a rare and wonderful thing. To spend that time running was surprisingly relaxing. The first part was a long uphill and I was struggling, convinced I was unfit, that I would be stopping and starting, gasping and glugging my water. But I made it past the brow to a long flat and then an easy downhill under the bypass and out into the open countryside. It was wonderful. I settled into a rhythm and smiled as I realised I was fitter than I thought.

Unfortunately I ran out of road. I turned back past the new riding stable, which looks amazing (I made a mental note to Google it) – and carried on back, past my street, further into town and back towards my house by the back road.

I couldn’t believe my own brain which was telling me I could have kept going. Next time I’ll take a longer route and see how I manage.



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