Janathon Day 25: Trainer graffiti

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Well today I certainly made up for missing a few days of Janathon.

I couldn’t do much last week for two reasons (reasons, not excuses). First, a tonne of work landed on my desk, which was brilliant but took up every minute I wasn’t being mum – and secondly, I was mum for a load of extra shifts cos my husband was away with work. Evening jogs were impossible because I couldn’t leave the kids home alone. We were very active, as always, with trips to the Royal Botanic Gardens and various other parks – but that doesn’t really count, does it?

So today I hit the gym and I had reinforcements. Amy, my school friend who’s now a nutritionist and PT, had very kindly offered to do my gym induction. She doesn’t normally do that, being a platinum PT who’s booked out 10 hours a day, but she made a wee exception for me.

It. Was. Amazing.

I used machines I’d never even heard of. The Smith machine anyone? Loads of weights and exercises using my body weight. Instructions like “hold it as if it’s a Subway baguette” – “catch this ball in a side plank” – give you an idea of the variety. We steamed through the programme and I learned so much – including how much my husband enjoys taking the p*ss out of me.

It was during the donkey kicks on that Smith machine that Amy said – “I’ve just read your shoes!” and burst out laughing. I twisted round to read the words “sex” and “pest” on each sole. Thank GOD it was Amy and not some buff gym hunk that noticed – I was mortified enough. She didn’t even promise to keep it a secret. “Oh no, everyone’s going to know” she laughed before ordering me to lift an 8kg weight in each hand for my biceps.

By the end of the hour, having used the last of my strength to smack a punch bag with an 8kg bar, I was knackered. But in a good way. It was a proper all-body workout and I have a feeling I’ll be crippled tomorrow.

My husband has a sick sense of humour

My husband has a sick sense of humour



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