Janathon Day 18: Strength

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The day – and therefore the week – started well. When I dropped the boys off at nursery neither cried or made a fuss. This is a major breakthrough for the smaller one. I drove off through the rain smiling, wondering if maybe spring would actually come one day.

I think January is a great time to focus on fitness. It motivates me to get through the month, the endorphins are much needed in the dark, cold and wet and then, when spring finally comes, I’ve worked off the Christmas flab.

My focus in the gym this morning was core strength. Lots of free weights, backloader squats, overhead lifts and then some mat work with the weighted ball, side planks, power planks and weighted leg raises. I was listening to another podcast this morning – Greg James ‘That’s what he said.” I love Greg but the podcast seemed a bit disorganised, very informal and a bit amateurish. I guess that’s the difference between a podcast and broadcast, but it annoyed me a bit. Clearing your throat on an audio file is just horrible to listen to. I did like the sound links between items though, it’s something we could try with the Scottish Entrepreneur podcast.

Right, I’m off to write another feature…

It's a grapefruit San Pellegrino kind of morning

It’s a grapefruit San Pellegrino kind of morning



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