Janathon Day 10: Swimming with the fishies

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Today was another improvised workout with two small children in the pool.

There was the walking-with-resistance as I carried the one-year-old and strode through the water from one end to the other.

There were the overhead presses as I lifted the one-year-old over my head, threw him up in the air and caught him. A million times.

There were multiple tricep dips as I got in and out the water with my four-year-old, who really can’t decide whether he wants to be in the big pool or baby pool.

There was some pretty straight-forward underwater swimming, though I couldn’t classify the stroke, other than to call it ‘the shark’.

I’d also go so far as to call the getting-dressed-bit a weights workout, as I had to shower myself and a baby, carry him as well as the towels and swimsuits, and juggle him as I got us dried and dressed.

Variety is the spice of life.

Happy as a wee fish after his swim

Happy as a wee fish after his swim


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