Janathon Day 1: Perspective

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My perspective changes every January 1st.

I force myself to look back and then to look forward – so I can learn from experience and plan for success.

This January I’m beginning with a 31 day challenge, rather than a 365 day monster. Within this month is a series of smaller goals and as a result I’m feeling motivated and powerful.

Perspective 1: Janathon

Janathon is a 31 day challenge in which you have to do some exercise every day and then write about it. It can be as little as a tweet (with the hashtag #janathon) or a whole blog post. This will be my 4th year and I love it, it suits me perfectly. Knowing I have to write a decent post afterwards forces me to be mindful as I run/dance/climb/swim. You can check out my previous posts here or by clicking the Janathon link in the categories box

Perspective 2: Gate to gate

I plan to run twice a week – but I find running really boring, so I’ve set myself another challenge. In the Pentlands Hills there is a steep track with a gate at the bottom and a gate at the top. I plan to be able to run from one to the other without stopping by January 31st. Currently I can achieve this downhill. My husband Rod scoffed and said I’d do it uphill easily in a week. I doubt it, so I’ve given myself four.

Perspective 3: Raving


I firmly believe exercise should be fun, so I’ve found a crazy dance fitness class called Clubbercise. They give you glowsticks when you walk in and play tracks like Zombie Nation and Children of the Night. I burn between 500 and 600 calories, but it’s a Monday night at 8.30. In 2019 there will be no excuses – and I’m going to take friends.

Perspective 4: Yoga

I live my life at 100mph. When people casually ask me what I’ve been up to, my answer usually shocks them. “But how did you fit that all in?” they ask. I never stop – and that’s bad. I’ve tried yoga before and been bored out my mind BUT one of my best friends is training to be a yoga instructor. She’s adamant that yogis know the secret to a happy life. I’m going to try really hard this month to open my mind to stillness and take her class once a week.

Perspective 5: Family



I’m a working mum of two and I have a husband whose company I miss when life is mental. I can only do this Janathon challenge if I take them along for the ride.

Today we went for a two hour hike together. The sun shone the whole time and it was heaven. My kids are amazing. One of them has the eyesight of an eagle – we’re constantly astonished by the things he spots. The other is destined for the stage with his witticisms. Rod and I strolled along arm in arm just watching and listening. Being in their company for two hours uninterrupted was very good for my soul.

My Apple Watch died so I’ve no idea the stats for day 1 – I promise to be more organised from now on!



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