Impact Online is now Aberdeen-based

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As of today, Tuesday 2nd April, Impact Online is Aberdeen-based, with a view of the harbour and the buzz of optimism in the air.

When I first set up the company, over three years ago, it was with the intention of exploiting all the opportunities of online business. I wanted to help my clients better understand how they could reach their customers and find new leads online, but I also wanted to remove my own barriers. I wanted to work anywhere, any time, and I have. This video from the beach in Eqypt proves quite how dedicated I am to that principle!

So when the opportunity arose to relocate to the oil capital, I jumped at it. My clients are based all over Scotland and do business themselves all over Scotland, so that wasn’t any barrier. In fact, by widening my own network, I have been able to make introductions which have helped them.

The act of moving, while incredibly complicated and stressful (particularly with a toddler running around) has actually been cathartic. The amount of clutter we have binned, recycled, donated or sold has been incredible. What’s left is organized, filed properly and valued. I know exactly where all my notes, files, receipts and books are. I feel like I can work at maximum capacity because I’m not surrounded by things I really should sort out. I have very good intentions to continue with good habits – we’ll see how long that lasts.

My new office space is right next to Union Square (and therefore the train station), so I’m enjoying being central. One client will be in the city for business next week and just booked his train for an hour later so that we could catch up over a coffee.

Most of all, I’m enjoying living in a city where there is a real sense of optimism. People are recruiting and investing and building. I’ve never seen so many prestige cars on the roads! Plus there is a lot more sunlight here, less rain (and more snow, for the moment) and stunning views of the sea and the hills.

I’m looking forward to exploring my new city more – and to hosting any central-belt friends and contacts who find themselves in the north east!


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