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Blogging – creating a rod for your own back or powerfully boosting your business?
I’ll admit, I’ve occasionally leant more to the first than the second school of thought, but then I check my analytics and realise it is the biggest driver of traffic to my website and really is worth the effort.
I went to the New Media Breakfast this morning because the subject was blogging – and because it’s an event I’ve been meaning to go to for months. Although there were areas covered that I already felt pretty confident about, I did pick up quite a lot of useful nuggets, so I thought I’d share them. (Thanks to Gordon White, Tim Barlow and Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp for their insight.)
1 Change your title tag and URL to match your blog title – this is the info Google will use for search results.
2 Use Backupify to back up all the info on your blogs/social media platforms. There is a charge for this service starting at $10 (£6.40) a month.
3 Check out Twitter’s widgets – I’m using the tweet button at the bottom of this post.
4 Syndicate your content using a service like I’ve been manually tweeting/Facebooking etc whenever I blog and should really have it all automated. I like the fact that will allow me to specify the Facebook page I want the content syndicated to – it will bypass my personal page this way.
5 Use a topsy tweet button to keep track of who has retweeted your blog link. This information will be invaluable – it’ll show you who out of your followers is really engaged so that you can separate them into a VIP list and make sure you’re returning the favour!

Although I’ve been told not to be shy about promoting my blog, I’ve always found that the hardest part. NMB today again highlighted the importance of driving traffic to your blog by syndicating the content and simply engaging. I think one of the best ways to get people involved long term is to comment on their blogs, but apparently it’s OK to simply ask people to comment. So here I go – please leave your comments below! Tell me where to find your blog, what you thought of the NMB today or anything else that’s on your mind. Just not what you’re having for lunch. Save that for Twitter.


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  1. Daisy
    October 15, 2012

    I would definitely host your blog on a paid doiman if your doing it as a business and you plan on putting a lot of time and effort into blogging. If your just doing it for fun you can use the free platforms like WordPress, or blogger.


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