How do you get your content?

How do you get your content? Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

We’ve just cancelled our Virgin TV subscription because all we watch is NetFlix, Amazon Prime and Disney Life.

It got me thinking about content and how we consume it.

I had a subscription to The Times for three months, but cancelled it because I just wasn’t using it. I don’t have time to sit and read a whole paper – much as I would LOVE to – and if I did, I would much prefer a hard copy rather than flicking through something on a screen. I read tonnes of articles online – but I prefer to vary my sources and build a true picture of a story, rather than constantly reading one publication’s political take.

Rather than subscribe to a certain publication, I would rather pay per article. A simple PayPal click and, say, 20p for a feature, and I’d be quite happy. I do the same for music on iTunes and books on Kindle, so why should journalism be any different?

The BBC has had to defend its licence fee model again and again, but I have always supported it and paid it because I think it’s incredible value for money. The standard of journalism and programming has always been excellent, but more than that, the ability to operate without the pressure of advertisers is priceless.


The fact is this: good quality content – news, programmes, music, TV series – costs money to produce. As consumers we have to respect that. If we don’t want to pay for it then we have to accept the popups and banners and “answer this short questionnaire before you read more” walls that appear during our browsing. We have to sit through ad breaks and wait for our YouTube video to start while the sponsor plays their message. But this is why I like cookies – at least the advertising is relevant to me.

What do you think? Do you want it all for free or would you be willing to pay?


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