Hill runs, mud pits and a loony dook – Janathon day 1

Hill runs, mud pits and a loony dook – Janathon day 1 Facebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmail

I was actually sweating when I got home from our New Year’s Day walk so I know I made it count.

My 3 yo is still recovering from shingles so was in the buggy. Pushing him up a long hill is a great glutes workout.

Of course he happily jumped out at the summit and ran around playing hide and seek with his brother while Rod and I enjoyed the view.

Then there was a splat and a wail – he’d fallen face first into a mud pit.

I had to take him home, so improvised and jogged the whole way back. I reckon that’s a good start to Janathon, right?

As a bonus, we also strolled along Portobello beachfront this afternoon. Well, zigzagged is more what we did, as the boys patted dogs, climbed on walls and generally ran circles around us.

I resisted a cake from The Wee Green Van.

I also resisted joining the loony dookers.

calories burned 453

total steps 7655

total distance 6.21km

alcohol drunk 0


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