SEO bit me big time

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I’ll never forget the day I was bitten by the SEO bug.

Like most people, I had a vague idea of what search engine optimisation was – it’s keywords and stuff, right? Pay per click – that kind of thing?

Nope. It’s a whole science, based on algorithims and link juice and all sorts of exotic terms which may be in English but not as I know it.

It may have been the sheer effervescence of the speaker which made me suddenly parched for more information.

Rand Fishkin of had made his first ever trip to Scotland and was speaking to probably the smallest gathering of his career. We were 100 or so SME owners who knew the basics, in that we knew what we didn’t know and were keen to remedy that.

Rand, in all his superpositive American bounciness, infected us all with the enthusiasm he had for his subject, jumping from slides to online examples and back again, answering questions, cracking jokes and putting on a Scottish accent. Once he paused – that was to announce how delighted he was to be speaking to an audience which actually faced him, instead of looking down at their mobiles while they tweeted everything he said in real time.

He was launching OnlineXcellence and this too has got me fired up. If companies don’t know what they don’t know about websites, how can they make sure they get the right service from their developer? How can they measure the right things? How can they spend in the right areas? OnlineXcellence is a course designed to teach business owners and key members of their staff how websites and search engines work so that they can communicate effectively with their web developers and everyone goes home happy.

And if they can inject even an ounce of Rand’s energy into it, that outcome is 100% assured.


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